︎ 2.6.2020

NAE conference – online

Join us during the Livestream of the congress for eating disorders for a Q+A about our bookproject!
︎ more information on request and on their website.


︎ 9.5.2020

100% of our Crowdfunding!

We’re extremely happy to announce that A Story to Tell reached it’s funding goal and will be published by Edition Fotohof in September 2020. ︎ see our campaign

︎ 7.5.2020

Item on Editie.NL

We were delighted about this item reaching 600.000 persons in which Ruben, our protagonist Ron, and a specialist from Human Concern voiced the high invisibility of men with eating disorders. ︎ more here


︎ 4.5.2020

Algemeen Dagblad

Today on second-biggest dutch news  AD: "You don't often read in the media about men with bulimia or binge eating. This creates a stigma and many men experience shame for their disorder."︎ read the full article

︎ 28.4.2020

Interview on GUP Magazine

On the importance of collaboration in our process, male vulnerability and the influence of social and cultural anthropology on the projcet overall. ︎ read the full article


8 pages in Volkskrant Magazine

Find 8 pages of A Story to Tell in this weekend's issue of the Volkskrant Magazine (NL). We are proud on our protagonists for speaking up in front of more than 600.000 readers and a medium of international reach! ︎ interview with Mafalda


Interview on Ö1 Kulturjournal

About the severity of eating disorders in men, our anthropological approach to the subject and why societal stereotypes and categories DO play a role in the development in this illness.


Artist Talk on Connected Archives

Hear Mafalda and Debbie chat about the origins of her name, how her grandfather escaped prison in Croatia of the 50s and the difference of eating disorders in men and women we found in our seven-year long research ︎ full episode

︎ 15.4.2020

Crowdfunding Online


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